Photo of Monique Schenk Architect

MONIQUE SCHENK ARCHITECT, INC. is an architectural firm with a wide range of experience in the design, planning and construction of projects. Monique Schenk is the founder and principal of the firm. Raised and schooled in Switzerland, she is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with degrees in the Fine Arts and Architecture.

Monique moved to Los Angeles and started her firm in 1992. Weaving together the permanence and timelessness of Europe with the roots of modern architecture in Los Angeles, the firm of Monique Schenk Architect, Inc. achieved immediate success. Through recommendations of clients and professionals in the trade, her firm has assembled a large portfolio of projects.

Commitment to detail and quality is applied in the design of spaces for conservative corporate clients as well as for the progressive artist. Both equally appreciate Monique's ability to create calm in the frantic city. Her design strives to combine materials and forms into refined, contemporary architecture.